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About Us

We provide mental health and behavioral health services in Salem, OR with a focus on marginalized populations that have experienced trauma.   Our services include assessment, treatment planning, therapy and counseling, case management, psychoeducation, and advocacy.  

Our Mission Statement

Rooted Mental Health (RMH) is a cooperative (co-op) group behavioral health practice focused on compassion for self, clients, and community.  We serve low-income and other vulnerable Oregonians facing barriers to mental wellness due to marginalization and traumatic histories.  


We believe that in order for individuals to truly heal from issues like mental illness, substance use, unsafe relationships, and others, we must address the underlying root causes of individual, family, and community trauma.  


We combine evidence-based practices with innovative treatments to address mental health from a whole-person perspective.  Our goal is to help clients thrive, not just survive.

Our Values

We believe that mental healthcare should be accessible to anyone.

We value equity, integrity, honesty, simplicity, and transparency.

We value community and caring for self, clients, and each other.

Our People

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