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PsycholgoistJob Description

Our Mission Statement:


Rooted Mental Health (RMH) is a cooperative (co-op) group behavioral health practice focused on compassion for self, clients, and community.  We serve low-income and other vulnerable Oregonians facing barriers to wellness due to mental health difficulties and traumatic histories.  We believe that in order for individuals to truly heal from issues like mental illness, substance use, unsafe relationships, and others, we must address the underlying root causes of individual, family, and community trauma.  We combine evidence-based practices with innovative treatments to address mental health from a whole-person perspective.  Our goal is to help clients thrive, not just survive.


What makes us different:


At Rooted Mental Health, we believe in putting our values around equity, integrity, simplicity and transparency into practice.  We believe in taking care of our staff by providing paid leave, clinical supervision, and consultation in a supportive team environment.  Most importantly, all full-time staff have the opportunity to be invited to buy into co-ownership built into their contracts.  We are committed to developing a truly cooperative model of delivering behavioral healthcare.

We are currently seeking a licensed psychologist to complete testing and evaluation for neurodevelopmental and other diagnoses including autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, neurocognitive conditions, etc.  

What we offer:

  • A 70/30% split of all revenue, including testing and report writing, case management time, etc. with an additional differential for bilingual applicants and applicants who identify with marginalized populations as defined by OHA’s Health Equity Initiative.

  • Use of office space and free parking in downtown Salem, OR

  • Flexible working hours- you make your own schedule and see clients as needed.

  • Options for buying into co-ownership on a three-year plan by invitation (As a co-op, all of our company decisions are consensus-based).

  • Support for contractor/self-employment PTO contributions through Paid Leave Oregon program.

  • Financial support for testing materials.

  • Support with insurance credentialing, contracting, and billing.

Expectations for this position:

  • Assess, test for, and provide diagnosis and treatment recommendations for neurodevelopmental and neurocognitive diagnoses from a trauma-informed and affirming lens.

  • Consult with clients' regularly assigned therapist for case conceptualization. 

  • Utilize evidence-based assessment and screening tools to measure various domains including:

    • Learning disorders and learning differences

    • Inattentiveness, hyperactivity, impulsivity

    • Executive-functioning weaknesses, such as difficulty planning and organizing

    • Processing-speed differences

    • Language disorders or delays

    • Visual-spatial, visual-motor, fine motor differences

    • Intellectual disability

    • Autism spectrum disorder

    • Behavior difficulties in the home or at school

    • Giftedness combined with differences in learning

  • Complete documentation in a timely manner per CMS and Oregon Medicaid guidelines, including records of client meetings, progress, and communication.

  • Give and receive feedback and consultation in a brave space with your team members.

  • Follow all agency policies and procedures.

  • Follow all state and local policies and protocols regarding COVID-19 safety guidance and other infection control measures.  


  • A PsyD or PhD in Psychology from an accredited university.

  • Licensed as a psychologist in the state of Oregon.

  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination or qualified exemption.

  • Willingness and comfort working with diverse populations, including individuals with mental illness, and experience in providing culturally-responsive care. 

  • Ability to complete all necessary client documentation within National CMS and Oregon OAR requirements.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • Strong ability to manage time and prioritize tasks. 

Individuals with diverse backgrounds and lived experience are strongly encouraged to apply. 

This position tentatively begins July 1.  Applicants are encouraged to apply at least 30 days in advance to initiate insurance contracting processes to ensure completion prior to the start date.  Actual start date is contingent on insurance credentialing completion.  

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to

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